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    Tavanti is a brand born in Florence in the ‘70s from an original idea of Domenico Tavanti and his wife Antonella Peruzzi.

    Tavanti is a world of elegance made by unique jewels, which combine creativity, tradition and art with the most advanced technologies and the savoir faire typical of Italian master goldsmiths.

    The philosophy of excellence and the creativity typical of “Made in Italy” is breathed in every phase of our production, from design, to construction, up to a scrupulous quality control.

    Technological innovation and artisan tradition come together, through patented machinery that produce the components that are then assembled with passion by the expert hands of our master goldsmiths, wich are able to give life to exclusive jewels in 18 kt gold.


    Founded in 1968 in Arezzo, Falcinelli has always been a jewelry maison with a contemporary and unique taste.

    Falcinelli jewels are dreams that become true: large precious stones that capture and reflect the light, combined with soft diamond pavé or pearls, lead us into the extraordinarily luxurious world of high-end jewelry made in Italy, realized with gold and precious materials. Jewels designed and produced in the heart of Tuscany, with a maniacal attention to the smallest details.

    Falcinelli jewels, with their sinuous shapes, unique materials and perfect finishes are unique pieces. Collections designed with an international flavor, combining the mastery of the Italian goldsmith tradition with a contemporary taste, keeping beauty as the only denominator and guaranteeing a scrupulous quality control.

    Logo Gold Art

    Founded in Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, since 1978 Gold Art has been experimenting with all the expressive potential of gold, through craftsmanship excellence and artistic sensitivity typical of Made in Italy.

    A multifaceted style that passes from typical objects of the goldsmith tradition to collections with a strong personality.

    Artisan tradition and technological innovation blend together through the brand’s iconic workmanship, diamond cut gold. The gold is engraved with a diamond, which transforms the metal surface, giving the jewel an extraordinary light effects that make it unique.

    Each Gold Art jewel is a unique masterpiece, the result of a creative concept that starts from the love for beauty and takes shape thanks to the expert hands of the goldsmiths, passing through careful quality control.


    Italian fine jewellery for contemporary women.

    FOPE started out in 1929 as a goldsmith workshop and in time it has become an international jewellery brand.

    The founding family, now at its fourth generation, continues to seek new ways of blending tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and pioneering technology. The company has always been based in Vicenza, near Venice, enabling it to oversee the entire production process and guarantee typically Italian quality and elegance.

    Each piece of jewellery is crafted in-house and the collections evolve around the design of the smooth Novecento mesh chain, a true FOPE trademark.

    The brand’s most successful creation so far is Flex’it, an exclusive patented invention which makes bracelets (and rings) stretchable thanks to tiny 18kt gold springs hidden between the chain links. The result being beautiful jewels which embody the idea of comfortable everyday luxury.


    Marco Bicego brand has been launched in 2000 when Marco inherited the Company , founded near Vicenza by his father Giuseppe Bicego in 1958. Since then, thanks to his capacity Marco Bicego becomes one of the Italian jewellery brands most appreciated on the international scene. Distinctly unique and instantly recognizable each silk-finish creation is handcrafted in Italy by artisan goldsmiths with the ancient bulino technique, hand twisted coils, natural gemstones.
    A mix of tradition and modernity that has made Marco Bicego jewellery so loved and admired the world over. The studied imperfection of each jewel makes it unique and inimitable.


    Serafino Consoli is a brand born in 1959, named after a family devoted to watch-making and jewelry-making since the very beginning. Serafino, the founder, had no doubt in his mind. “If you have an idea, you must sow it well and nurture your crop with care, employing all efforts and attention necessary for your harvest to give the best result”. Serafino Consoli’s vision consolidated in his son Ivan’s mind. He was passed the torch in the ‘90s and took the wheel of the company along with his sisters, starting a new path of renovation and expansion. There was a strong desire to always offer customers original solutions. Ivan Consoli, like his father before him, started his entrepreneurial career by developing this concept: “I want to create something that amazes, that makes you say ‘THAT’S WOW!’. Thus, the Brevetto and Serafino Collections were born, now available in the best jewelry shops around the globe.


    Adolfo Courrier’s collections represent the excellence of high-end italian craftsmanship quality. Conceptually created by Adolfo Courrier and Alessandra Zanchetta, both come from artistic studies and are the second generation of a family business in the field of jewelry.

    The brand combines the distinctive elements of its know-how by reinventing a modern and progressive approach to jewelry with style authoritativeness and innovation. lnspired by the valorization of its culture of people and the great respect of the ethical principles.

    The style concepts are inspired by a romantic sensuality as the behavior of being.


    They’ve been here, in the heart of Florence, for more than 500 years, smelting, engraving, chiselling, encrusting and decorating, refining the methods that are at the base of traditional Florentine filigree designs.
    Florentine Goldsmith Masters since antiquity have used this timeless technique to create extremely detailed and decorative jewels, nowadays adapted to modern times. Gold Wires are twisted, flattened, bent and combined resulting in extremely intricate and ornate brush-finish pieces with the typical flowers, leaves and ribbons decorations.
    Each jewel is a small “piece of art” that anyone can enjoy wearing and admiring.
    Florentine Artisan gold jewelry is appreciated and exported across the world.
    “Made in Florence Gold jewelry is one of the most exclusive and popular sought and purchased on trips to the Tuscan capital.


    The colorful Concordia bracelets mix an international spirit with a modern style and are born from the new philosophy of accessible and reserved luxury. They are unisex jewelry that can be worn by men and women as daytime accessories or as jewelry to complete an effervescent evening look. The collection is constantly evolving and incorporates the latest cultural influences from the many journeys, encounters and adventures experienced by the brand’s designers.

    Ness1 Logo

    NESS1(NoOne) is a new Italian brand that will forever change the way to wear and perceive the world of high-end jewellery. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sector gone stagnant years ago. Its creations are limited edition: worn, exhibited, and collected, all in a perfect balance between art and design. The iconic element that defines the entire project is the NESS1 gold frame. It is a precious interior design accessory where gold and diamond pendants can be exhibited and collected. A single creation, fluid, boundless, free to create a new, unique, and inimitable language, which
    finally allows the industry to address an audience that is not only female. It is the result of collaboration and excellence that come together to create a new form of art.

    COI Florence Logo

    Florence Jewellery since 1954.

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